Wearable Smart Stickers – The BodyNet Sticker is Able to Track Breathing and Heart Rate Information (TrendHunter.com)


Researchers from Stanford University have created a BodyNet sticker that is able to track the wearer’s body wirelessly. The BodyNet sticker functions by using an RFID connection to power the wearable tech, as well as broadcast data. The sticker is connected to a receiver using the RFID connection, the receiver is located on the wearer’s clothing. The smart sticker is able to take measurements on human skin, which can track the number of different things including the wearer’s heartbeat, breathing, as well as muscle movements. The receiver then transmits that data to either a computer or mobile device using Bluetooth.

The researchers on the project are looking at creating clothing with antennas integrated into it, in order to further improve the device. This could allow it to be used or a broader range of purposes, including exercise tracking.

Image Credit: Bao Lab

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