Vintage Controller Compatible Remakes – Nintendo Has Filed with the FCC for a SNES Switch Controller (


Nintendo has begun a process to create a SNES Switch controller. The controller recently surfaced in an FCC filing, along with an image. Limited details are known about the design, however, the SNES Switch controller will have a Bluetooth connection. The image shows what may be ZL and ZR buttons on the top of the device.

On top of the filing, Nintendo announced that it would produce a controller for the Switch. The controller would be the next retro-themed controller for the Nintendo Switch. The company could continue with its retro theme and port old SNES titles onto the switch, lime Super Mario Kart, Legend of Zelda or others. Nintendo has not released a potential release date, or a price point, for its retro-themed switch controller.

The controller would bring a sense of nostalgia to older consumers who can remember using the SNES console device.

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