Top 100 Gadgets Trends in March – From Customizable Earbuds to Form-Tracking Weightlifter Devices (


The top gadget trends for March span across all industries of electronic products, and are all designed to surpass the expectations of consumers. Gadgets are created to fix a human problem that often makes the user’s life more convenient, and gadget trends can help inform how consumers’ lives can be enhanced through technology.

One of the major gadgets is SENNHEISER’s ‘MOMENTUM True Wireless’ earbuds. The earbuds are able to be customized through the company’s Smart Control app, and it has an intuitive equalizer function.

Another important gadget is the Calibrex X1, which is a device that helps weight lifters keep track of their form. This is accomplished by measuring the distance between the device and the ground underneath.

Lastly ‘Batbot’ is able to monitor the Inner-workings of a car, and ensure that the user will not have to experience battery issues.

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