The 10 Most Exciting New Movies Coming To Theaters In February 2020


The Photograph – February 14, 2020

As Valentine’s Day edges closer, you want to see something that’s sweet, emotional, and, above all else, romantic. You’re likely not getting that from something like, say, Sonic the Hedgehog. Therefore, your best bet is The Photograph, the newest romantic drama from writer/director Stella Meghie (Everything, Everything). Starring LaKeith Stanfield and Issa Rae, two of the hottest up-and-coming talents of the past few years, we’re hoping to see the sparks fly between these two bright performers, and it looks like the kind of warm, romantic date night movie that is well-suited for snuggling up and possibly shedding a tear or two (don’t forget the tissues) on February 14th. Hopefully, The Photograph proves to be a keeper.

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