Surround Sound Wireless Speakers – Roku’s Wireless Speakers are Compatible with Its Smart Soundbar (


The Roku ‘Smart Soundbar’ will soon have the ability to pair with the brand’s wireless speakers, in order to provide a surround sound experience. The company created the ‘onn Roku Wireless Speakers’ with compatibility in mind, and the speakers will be sold on the Walmart website beginning in February. Compatibility seems to be a big focus for Roku, as previously the company created a ‘Wireless Subwoofer’ that also has the ability to be paired with the ‘Smart Soundbar.’

The Roku Vice president of Retail Product strategy, Mark Ely, spoke about the rationale behind the new product, “We want to simplify home theater the same way we simplified streaming and we’re taking a big step towards that vision by expanding our Roku Smart Soundbars to support surround sound capabilities.”

Image Credit: Roku

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