Steampunk-Like VR Glasses – The Panasonic VR Glasses Highlight a Retro Aesthetic at CES 2020 (


The Panasonic VR Glasses have been unveiled by the brand at CES 2020 as a headset that will accommodate immersive virtual reality experiences in a style-conscious manner. The glasses boast a steampunk-like style that will fit snuggly over the eyes to place the user’s focus solely on the digital content and prevent unwanted light from entering through the sides. The micro-OLED panels within are rated for HDR content, which will immerse users fully into their choice of content and also eliminate the occurrence of the screen door effect that plagues many VR headsets.

The Panasonic VR Glasses feature a 120Hz refresh rate and have been designed in an array of stylish color options to help them match other technology products seamlessly.

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