Speedy Urbanite Electric Bicycles – The COSWHEEL FTN eBike Meets the Needs of Urban Consumers (TrendHunter.com)


The COSWHEEL FTN eBike has been designed as an eco-friendly transportation solution that seeks to provide exceptional flexibility for riders with fast-paced lifestyles. The folding eBike is capable of being collapsed down into a compact unit that is ideal for storage in a vehicle trunk as a last-mile commuting option or carried in-hand by public transportation riders. A durable triangular frame crafted from 6061 aluminum alloy will provide an impressive level of rigidity and support riders up to 120 kilograms in weight.

The COSWHEEL FTN eBike is outfitted with a 350 watt motor and boasts impressive torque along with a large brake disc to easily slow or stop according to the rider’s needs. The unit speaks to the changing face of urban transportation as more consumers seek to break their reliance on traditional vehicles.

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