Sleep-Tracking Mattress Pads – The Sleepace Sleep Tracking Pad Collects an Array of Data (


The Sleepace Sleep Tracking Pad is a noninvasive device for consumers who are looking for a better way to track their rest and optimize their nightly routine.

The device works by being discreetly positioned onto a mattress and going to work providing sleepers with a better way to capture data related to their rest. The unit will track heart rate, respiratory rate, sleep cycle, body movement, humidity, temperature and more, which will then be relayed to the user’s smartphone. This will allow users to make correlations between different environmental conditions and their rest to let them fine-tune their bedroom to be optimized for ideal rest.

The Sleepace Sleep Tracking Pad is designed to be discreetly positioned underneath a pillow or inside the case to not disturb the sleeper during use.

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