Silicone-Manufactured Smartphone Chips – Samsung Created the First 7-Nanometer EUV Phone Processor (


Samsung has created its first 7-nanometer EUV processor that will likely power the Galaxy Note 10. The new Samsung processor is titled the Exynos 9825, and it is the first phone chip to be built using 7-nanometer EUV which is an extreme ultra-violet silicon material that the company revealed in October of 2018. The new smartphone chip is faster and more power-efficient than its predecessors, especially for users who frequently play video games on their mobile device.

Other features of the new phone chips include 4G LTE that has a maximum of 2Gbps. The phone chip does not have built-in 5G capabilities, however, Samsung could outsource technology to access 5G. Other noteworthy features are Samsung’s “neural processing unit” which will help AI photography, as well as augmented reality capabilities for the device.

image credit: Samsung

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