Retro Branded Digital Pets – The Bandai America Tamagotchi Deluxe Pac-Man Merges the Two Classics (


The Bandai America Tamagotchi Deluxe Pac-Man digital pet is a newly created toy that combines the aesthetics and functionalities of two classic franchises into one compact plaything. The digital toy has been created for the 40th anniversary of Pac-Man and features a special edition branding on the exterior along with a protective carrying case. The virtual pet itself is just like the original Tamagotchi, but will allow users to play the classic Pac-Man video game at their leisure directly from the miniature screen.

The Bandai America Tamagotchi Deluxe Pac-Man is available now at a price point of $24.99 and is sure to be of interest to collectors or those who are nostalgic for the now-iconic digital pet.

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