Real-Time Cellular Item Trackers – The Pebblebee ‘Found’ Tracker Offers Dual-Connectivity (


The Pebblebee ‘Found’ tracker is a handy device for consumers who are looking to keep a closer eye on their personal items, children or pets to ensure everything stays as safe as possible. The tracker is engineered with both GPS and cellular connectivity, which will work to keep users connected to the location of the device at all times without restriction. This means that users can track items anywhere in the world to make the device ideal for travelers.

The Pebblebee ‘Found’ tracker is equipped with a battery pack within that’s rated for 12 months of use, which will enable users to keep their items traceable in real-time at all times. The compact design of the unit can be positioned almost anywhere and can operate without the need for a cellular data plan for enhanced cost savings.

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