Ready-to-Wear Bridal Gowns – WED’s 2020 Bridal Line Emerged Amidst Fashion Week’s White Dress Parade (

Spring 2020 runway shows brought ready-to-wear bridal to the forefront with numerous adaptations of the traditional white luxury gown. White ethereal gowns dominated the runway in a timely response to Bridal Fashion Week, a mere one week apart.

Ready-to-wear and bridal fashion historically represent two opposite ends of the consumer spectrum, however the likes of the modern bride are causing the two to contend. Emerging brands like WED aim to subvert antiquated bridal expectations by using easily laundered fabrics in color options that have longevity for the wearer. WED’s 2020 runway debut was not alone, with design houses Loewe, Jason Wu, Miu Miu, Nina Ricci (amongst others) showcasing ready-to-wear bridal options for the nontraditional bride.

Desires of the millennial bride transcend its predecessors with concerns for sustainable and affordable alternatives. The ready-to-wear bridal industry is disrupting the one-time wear assumption with bridal gowns, which has the potential to create waves in e-commerce markets.

Image Credits: Instagram @wedstudio_, Vogue/Salvatore Dragone, Vogue/Alessandro Lucioni

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