Port-Cleaning Smartphone Accessories – The ‘PurePort’ Keeps Dirt and Debris Out of Charging Ports (TrendHunter.com)


The ‘PurePort’ is a multifunctional smartphone accessory that aims to keep devices clean and functioning to eliminate the occurrence of a faulty port or component.

Designed by Kate Swinnerton, the multitool device features seven functionalities in total that aim to eliminate dirt and other debris from the ports on an iPhone as well as from connectivity cables. The unit can be used continuously to keep components free of contaminants that could otherwise prevent them from working if left unchecked.

The ‘PurePort’ is specially designed to effectively yet gently clean smartphone ports and cables, which are notoriously difficult to keep clean given their design. The compact frame of the device allows it to be easily stored in a backpack or desk drawer to keep it on hand when it’s needed most.

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