Playfully Luxurious Bag Capsules – The Marni Market Series is Back with the ‘Pop Folk Market’ Launch (

The Marni Market series challenges conventions of the luxury handbag with a vibrant juxtaposition of colorways and daring usage of materials. The new capsule by the Italian fashion label is dubbed ‘Pop Folk Market’ and it features a variety of new, chic accessories — from multi-nuanced, knit tote bags to adorable striped clutches.

It is evident that the Marni Market series derives inspiration from the act of grocery shopping with a stylish twist. This venture showcases how even mundane tasks like this can be reimagined through the lens of high fashion to be eye-captivating.

Bags in Marni’s ‘Pop Folk Market’ collection are available for a limited time via the Italian label’s e-commerce website.

Photo Credits: Marni

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