Palm-Sized Air Purifiers – The YFLife ‘AIRbox’ Offers More Power Than HEPA Purifiers (


The YFLife ‘AIRbox’ air purifier is a palm-sized appliance that will offer users the ability to clean the air around them at home, the office or anywhere they go thanks to its impossibly compact design. The unit utilizes advanced purification technology to destroy pollutants that come into contact with it including mold spores, dust mites, cigarette smoke and more. The washable air filter does away with the need for disposable alternatives to make it a more eco-friendly appliance to keep in a space for air cleaning.

The YFLife ‘AIRbox’ air purifier is reported by the brand to be even more powerful than HEPA filter alternatives to keep air smelling fresh and free of contaminants. The unit can even be used in vehicles, which will come as welcome news to commuters.

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