Miniature Oil Mills – The Eva Mini, Shown at CES 2020, Makes Fresh Oil from Frozen Pods (


Fresco is changing the way people enjoy cooking oil at home with the Eva Mini. Debuted at CES 2020, the device works with Pulps, frozen olive pulps, so that people can enjoy fresh, 100% natural olive oil like never before at home. The mini-oil mill is comparable to a Keurig machine, as it takes pods and transforms them into fresh oil that retains the original nutritional value, flavor and aroma.

With the press of a button using the Eva Mini, home cooks are able to enjoy authentic olive oil. Fresco offers a variety of different Pulps for different tastes, including Adagio, Vivace and Allegro, which can be purchased in packs and assorted trial packs.

Image Credit: Fresco

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