Magic-Themed Coding Kits – The ‘Frozen 2’ STEM Toy Teaches Kids How to Code In an Interactive Way (

Parents looking to teach their children some basic coding skills may be drawn to the new Kano Disney Frozen 2 Coding Kit. The “build it yourself creative coding experience” lets kids play, create, and code by waving their hands.

The Kano Disney Frozen 2 Coding Kit equips children with an instruction book that helps them connect the board, buttons, and pieces into a sensor board that looks like a snowflake. This allows them to start coding the blocks by using JavaScript and to begin to understand variables, logic, and loops. Afterward, the newly created sensor works in conjunction with an iPad or tablet and children can build and play with the Frozen 2 characters.

The Kano Disney Frozen 2 Coding Kit is suitable for children six and older and requires no previous coding experiences.

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