Live Messaging Alterations – Quick Edit Features are Being Tested on WhatsApp (


Quick Edit Features are Being Tested on WhatsApp

WhatsApp quick edit features will offer users the ability to edit messages that have already been sent. The user will be able to access the feature through a ‘Quick Edit Media’ shortcuts. The quick edit features are being developed for both Android and iOS devices. This would make sharing and forwarding media a much more streamlined process. Users would be able to more easily crop and edit shared photos in a conversation. Users can also add emojis to photos and resend them.

However edited media material does not immediately disappear or get removed, the duplicate photos will remain in the chat unless they removed by the user.

The editing feature is going through tests and it WhatsApp has not indicated as to when or if the feature will get a full release.

Image Credit: WhatsApp/ 9TO5Google

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