Light-Powered Mouthwashes – The ‘Lumoral’ System Uses Light-Activated Mouthwash to Kill Bacteria (


The ‘Lumoral’ system has been developed as a solution for consumers who are prone to tooth cavities that will help them to fight back against decay. The system works by having users swish a mouthwash around in their mouth for about 30 seconds; a proprietary photosensitive substance will stick to the surface of bacteria in the mouth. A mouthpiece is then used to blast light in the mouth for 10 minutes , which will target and kill bacteria that cause cavities.

The ‘Lumoral’ system has been developed for at-home use to allow consumers to perform noninvasive cleaning procedures at their leisure. The system has been developed by Koite Health, which was founded by scientists from the Helsinki University Hospital and Aalto University.

Image Credit: Koite Health

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