Integrated Mechanical Keyboards – NuPhy Created a Wireless Mechanical Keyboard for MacBooks (


NuPhy, a division of Hard Cider Labs,’ created a wireless mechanical keyboard that is compatible with MacBooks. The keyboard is titled the ‘NuType F1’ and is the first of its kind. NuPhy will launch a Kickstarter campaign for its wireless mechanical keyboard that begins on November 11th.

The NuType F1 was designed to be used on top of the keyboard of a MacBook. The keyboard features Kaihua Choc mechanical switches, which have a design that is 42% smaller than conventional switches. The NuType F1 is also compatible with a number of different MacBook features including the Force Touch TrackPad and more.

Mechanical switches provide feedback to the users for greater control while the keys do not make noise when pushed. Mechanical keyboards offer an improved typing experience, and designing a mechanical keyboard for one of the most popular laptops could interest consumers.

Image Credit: NuPhy

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