Informative Connected Packaging – Carrefour and Nestle Utilize IBM’s Food Trust Blockchain System (


Carrefour and Nestle Utilize IBM’s Food Trust Blockchain System

Brick-and-mortar retail is becoming digitized and innovations in connected packaging bring more value to consumers as they select products from the shelf. Realizing the mass embrace of smart technology, French retailer Carrefour joins forces with Swiss food company Nestle to deliver a convenience-focused and information-backed experience to shoppers. The two companies tap into IBM’s Food Trust blockchain, revolutionizing the implementation of connected packaging within the grocery store environment.

The partnership is manifested through special scannable QR codes on Nestle’s Mousline instant mashed potato products. The blockchain-based packaging technology will take consumers through “the whole story of [the product’s] journey, from the factory to the Carrefour grocery section.” The connected packaging will reveal information of interest, including when the product was packaged, where it was held, the quality control parameters, as well as the farm from which the potatoes came from.

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