Hand Movement Music Devices – The ‘GripBeats’ Wearable Music Creator Turns Hands into an Instrument (TrendHunter.com)


The ‘GripBeats’ wearable music creator is a different kind of musical instrument system that will enable users to transform their hand movements into audio feedback. The device can be customized to perform any style of music, sound or instrument which is achieved by simply moving the hand and pressing on the unit when affixed to the palm. The unit can even be used on a flat surface to act as a mini portable piano to maximize the functionality of the device for avid audio makers.

The ‘GripBeats’ wearable music creator connects to a computer or smart mobile device via Bluetooth and offers compatibility with an array of different apps. The accompanying GripBeats app can be used for virtual lessons and augmenting the gesture-to-music configurations.

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