Futuristic Open-Ear Headphones – The ‘UNUM’ Headphones Balance the Digital World with the Real One (TrendHunter.com)


Audio headsets are only positioned to become more engrained in the everyday lifestyle of consumers, so the conceptual ‘UNUM’ headphones identify what can be done to offer a more balanced experience.

The headphones feature a hoop-like design that encircles the ear and enables the wearer to stay connected without completely obscuring their hearing. This will enable them to easily connect to voice assistants, while still being able to talk with those around them and not have to constantly remove them when taking a moment to converse with colleagues or strangers.

The conceptual ‘UNUM’ headphones are the design work of Adam Wrigley, Francois Nguyen, Jungsoo Park and Kebei Li of Frog Design, and imagine the next-generation of mobile audio technology.

Image Credit: Yanko Design

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