Fitness Friend-Finding Apps – The ‘Flöckbud’ App Locates Local Partners, Clubs and More (


The ‘Flöckbud’ app is a platform for athletes who are looking for a partner to partake in fitness activities with and much more in order to enhance the social aspect of working out.

The platform offers an array of activities for users to select to see if there are any other like-minded people in their community who are looking for a friend to get active with. Users can also pinpoint different sports teams, activities and clubs that are open for them to join in their neighborhood. This will eliminate the occurrence of having to work out alone or travel long distances to partake in activities that might be available locally.

The ‘Flöckbud’ app brings about a more social experience to the relatively independent act of working out and is sure to be appreciated by athletes seeking to increase their friend group.

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