Featherlight Open-Ear Headphones – The Aftershokz ‘Aeropex’ Headphones Weigh Less Than an Ounce (TrendHunter.com)

The Aftershokz ‘Aeropex’ bone conduction headphones are a positioned as one of the most lightweight audio accessories on the market that will enable wearers to enjoy their favorite music in an alternative way. Weighing in at less than an ounce, the headphones feature an open-ear design that sits just outside the canal to let wearers maintain more awareness of their surroundings. This makes the headphones far better for commuters or those who work in open-concept offices to ensure they can always keep an ear on what’s happening around them.

The Aftershokz ‘Aeropex’ bone conduction headphones have an IP67 rating for resistance to water and will deliver up to 10 hours of use per charge. Dual-connectivity means the headphones can be connected with up to two Bluetooth devices at the same time.

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