Fantastical Arctic Exploration Yachts – The Conceptual ‘MY Fata Morgana’ Yacht is Arctic-Inspired (

The conceptual ‘MY Fata Morgana’ super yacht has been designed by George Lucian as an ultra-luxurious vessel that draws inspiration from the Arctic to offer passengers a premium experience.

The vessel offers accommodations for up to 12 guests along with 18 crew members and boasts an outdoor swimming pool, a helipad and a sky observatory located just above the bridge deck. The exterior of the abstract vessel features a design inspired by the Arctic landscape including accents that are reminiscent of rocks, icebergs and snow.

The conceptual ‘MY Fata Morgana’ super yacht can be navigated in a kite-assisted manner to make long-distance journeys smoother for passengers to appreciate. The low-emissions yacht has been conceptualized with as many eco-friendly details as possible to limit its affect on the environment.

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