Eccentric Audio Recording Devices – The BrandNewNoise ‘Loopy Lou’ Looks Straight Out of the Past (


The BrandNewNoise ‘Loopy Lou’ voice recorder is an eccentrically designed device that brings back the experience of recording short audio messages for sharing or simply for play. The device works by allowing users to record audio by holding down the red recording button before pressing the play button afterwards to hear the 30-second clip that they captured. The pitch control knob below the buttons allows users to play with the playback and transform it from simple to obscure for a bit of playful augmentation.

The BrandNewNoise ‘Loopy Lou’ voice recorder is crafted from wood and harkens back to yesteryear to provide users with an interactive experience that will call to mind simpler times. The device is handcrafted from sustainable wood in Brooklyn, New York.

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