E-Scooter Scheduling Launches – Lime Scooters Will Take Reservations in the US (TrendHunter.com)


Lime Scooters Will Take Reservations in the US

2nd Street Lime Scooters will be newly available for reservations in the US, where users will be able to indicate that they will require a scooter in the upcoming 15 minutes. Reservations can be made using the app, so users do not have to worry about another user taking a scooter they intended to use. Users can still use the scooters in the conventional way, where they simply pick up one and go. However, reservations will be voided if a user picks up a different scooter.

The company has indicated that Lime Scooters will be more expensive through reservations, as users will be paying per-minute. The per-minute cost from riding will also be applied to wait times due to a reservation. The company decided to charge for reservation time, in order to safeguard against too many scooters being reserved at once.

Image Credit: 2nd Street Lime

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