Dual-Screened Computer Prototypes – Intel’s Twin Rivers is Versatile and User-Friendly (TrendHunter.com)


Intel’s Twin Rivers is Versatile and User-Friendly

Intel’s Twin Rivers is a dual-screen computer prototype –the second dual-screen model that Intel has showcased. The versatility of the model allows for it to be used in several different ways. It can be held up to share information with people sitting across from you, as you can show half the screen with notes on the other, and you can set up the model in laptop mode. A Bluetooth keyboard can also be connected to the device when it is in laptop mode.

The device has a fabric exterior, making it almost look like a book. The design features a webcam and a USB-C port. The computer display is powered by an eighth-generation Core i chip. Currently, the dual-screen computer is just a prototype and not set for manufacture.

Image Credit: Tom’s Hardware/ Andrew Freedman

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