DIY Electronic Sewing Projects – Tech DIY Creates Sewing Kits That Teach Kids About Electronics (

Tech DIY is an organization that creates DIY sewing kits to teach kids, and adults, about electronics. With the DIY kits, people will sew either dolls, figures or bracelets, when the sewing process is complete an electronic circuit is completed. Completed circuits will either light up, move, or make noise. The sewing kits from Tech DIY are marketed toward kids between the elementary and middle school years or adults who are novices. The kits use simple sewing skills that can be implemented to foster active learning about electronics.

Two kits were recently available through the company’s Kickstarter campaign, The Joy Kit and The Awesome Kit. The Joy Kit is for beginners, and it consists of five different individual sewing projects as well as the necessary electronics. The Awesome Kit is slightly more difficult to complete, with more complex projects involving light sensors and solar pannels.

Image Credit: Tech DIY

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