Customizable Beer Systems – ‘Alcohol By Choice’ Serves the Same Kind of Beer at Different ABVs (


Everybody is looking for something different from the products they consume and Alcohol By Choice is a beer system that caters to a wider range of people by serving the same kind of beer with different alcohol levels. The system in testing by BrewVo by Sustainable Beverage Technologies combines a base of non-alcoholic beer with any amount of flavorless alcohol. With this system, breweries are given the chance to make “world-class craft beers available either with or without the alcohol.”

The system works with the same kind of beer and the same batch but the way it is dispensed offers a different way for consumers to experience the product. The “ABC” system has the potential to be especially appealing to those who are interested in consuming less alcohol and want to revisit favorite brews in a new way.

Image Credit: BrewVo

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