Cow Adoption Apps – The Madhya Pradesh Government Attempts to Tackle a Stray Cow Crisis with an App (


In India, the government of Madhya Pradesh is introducing a high-tech solution to a livestock crisis in the form of a cow adoption app. Surely keeping in rhythm with the pace of innovation, the debut is sure to pique the attention of many.

With an abundance of stray cows in the area, the state has found it difficult to regulate and provide adequate care for these animals. The cow adoption app—which was announced last year—calls on non-resident Indians and corporate officers to finance the wellbeing of dairy animals by donating to cow shelters. Naturally, this endeavor is not of the cheapest kind. The process is flexible, however, if one decides to donate for a lifetime—the price is about Rs 3 lakh, which equals out to approximately 4,185 USD.

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