Consumer Identification Systems – Home Depot Partnered with Vibes to Increase Customer Engagement (


Home Depot partnered with a mobile marketing company, named Vibes, in order to improve consumer identification. The new consumer identification system is able to streamline the user experience, which resulted in a 238% increase in customer engagement.

Through the partnership, Vibes is able to provide advertisers with consumer data. Prospective advertisers will be able to access information related to a consumer’s income, if they own a home or not, and more. This data can then be used for segmentation and targeting purposes. Consumer data will come through integration between the Home Depot app and ID Max, which is a software system developed by Infutor.

Overall, the partnership allows Home Depot to better cater to its customers through increased customization. While consumer data will improve the ability for brands to market to these customers.

Image Credit: Home Depot

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