Connected Rowing Workout Machines – ‘The Stroke Master’ Enables Out of Water Training (


‘The Stroke Master’ Enables Out of Water Training

‘The Stroke Master’ from Crew Innovations has been developed as a workout machine for rowers that will enable them to maximize their training when out of the water. Featuring a connected design, the rowing machine works by wirelessly connecting multiple units together at the same time to let teams train with one another without having to be on the water in a boat.

The system will automatically track how in sync the team member is in comparison to everyone else and will increase or decrease resistance according to how they are rowing. This will help them to fine-tune their capabilities and train with better accuracy.

‘The Stroke Master’ from Crew Innovations weighs in at 80 pounds and is capable of accommodating athletes up to 450 pounds in size.

Image Credit: Crew Innovations

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