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Apple Announces iMessage Business Chat for Shopify Online Stores

Apple is expanding its iMessage business chat to Shopify, although Shopify does have a preexisting similar service, called Shopify Ping. Additionally, Shopify businesses have previously implemented Facebook Messanger for communication services. However, the addition of iMessage business support adds another significant avenue of support for customers to access.

Through iMessage Business, chat customers can easily talk to the business they interact with. Customers often rely on direct messaging for customer support and since the iPhone is a prominent device. Customers will also have the ability to use Apple Pay to make purchases in the chat. The integration with Apple Pay provides a simple way to make purchases as well as receive support.

Shopify says that increased support will come to 800,000 businesses around the globe. Some businesses that have already adopted the feature include Hodinkee Shop as well as State Bicycle.

Image Credit: Apple

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