Cannabis-Inspired Sleeping Aids – dreamt is Science-Backed and It Utilizes Cannabis for Sleep (


As insomnia and restlessness are a problem for many, companies are exploring the implications of cannabis for sleep. dreamt is one such product. It combines THC and CBD with melatonin, valerian root, and sleep-inducing terpenes, in a bid to allow consumers to rest after a long, productive and, often, overstimulating day.

The dreamt formula is designed to allow users to fall asleep quickly and maintain that state throughout the night. Moreover, the THC and CBD components actively work to reduce the risk of anxiety and the offering is the first of its kind that exclusively zeroes in on the benefits of cannabis for sleep.

At $50 USD per pen, the product lasts for up to 45 nights and will be made available to consumers in California starting November 2019.

Image Credit: dreamt

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