Business Expense Insight Platforms – ‘Billisimo’ Provides Insights into Saving and Investing (


‘Billisimo’ Provides Insights into Saving and Investing

The ‘Billisimo’ platform is a business-focused solution for professionals that will enable them to take more control over expenses, save money, gain insight and much more.

The platform works by tracking all of the various expenses, services and subscriptions that are essential for a business, but can sometimes go overlooked when reporting. This will allow businesses to keep a closer eye on where money could be saved, what services could be eliminated and how to better plan for the future.

The ‘Billisimo’ platform puts a focus on an inherently simple user interface to eliminate the need for complicated and overwhelming spreadsheets that can be difficult to keep updated. Expenses are evenly displayed and tracked to provide a clearcut idea of where moneys are being used.

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