Blockchain Coffee Apps – ‘Thank My Farmer,’ Shared at CES 2020, Increases Coffee Transparency (


Announced at CES 2020, the IBM-powered Thank My Farmer app helps to track the journey of a coffee bean all the way to a cup. As well as having the potential to help consumers better understand where their coffee comes from, the transparency-boosting blockchain app also offers advantages for brands, especially when it comes to building trust with customers.

For the development of the platform using IBM FoodTrust blockchain technology, tech start-up Farmer Connect worked with coffee producers like Beyers Koffie and Beyers 1769. Small and large coffee brands alike will be represented on the app when it launches later in the year, giving consumers the ability to scan a package’s QR code to reveal information about the farmer and the product’s origin, including an interactive map pinpointing the source of the coffee.

Image Credit: IBM, Farmer Connect

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