Bio-Sensing Contactless Sleep Tracking – The Sleeptracker Non-Invasively Understands Sleep Patterns (


The Sleeptracker Non-Invasively Understands Sleep Patterns

The Sleeptracker provides effective insights that accurately depict sleep analysis data through a plethora of joint technological processes. It features over 125 different patents that utilize artificial intelligence, health, sleep science, machine learning, cognitive behavioral understanding, and more.

Notably, it also measured over 150 million nights of sleep through several machine learning and artificial intelligence methods for over ten years. The system revolutionizes sleep understanding and works directly with users’ bedding, placed beneath the mattress. It is also functional with Amazon Alexa to receive feedback seamlessly. Throughout the night, the Sleeptracker system tracks breathing rates and heart rates to deliver data such as seasonal correlation and changes. Normally, there are lower heart rates in the summertime and higher rates during the winter. Additional elements that affect the patterns also include the time of sleep, diet, and alcohol consumption.

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