Automatically Updated Contact Photos – Vignette App Automatically Finds Images for Your Contacts (


Vignette App Automatically Finds Images for Your Contacts

The Vignette App lets iOS users add contacts without worrying about taking a contact picture. The app automatically scours the Internet to pair contacts with their social media profile pictures. If multiple photos have been located, the app lets you pick your preferred image.

Vignette simplifies users’ life by putting a face to a name. It’s ideal for individuals in business who are constantly networking to let them easily identify their contacts. The company states users are asking for a LinkedIn integration, however, the company is uninclined to make users log into their accounts. Currently, zero social media login information is required for the automated pairing and that’s the way the company wants it to remain. The app helps users feel more personalized and connected to the contacts in their phones without any hassle.

Image credit: Techcrunch

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