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FDA to fast-track COVID-19 therapies

The Coronavirus Treatment Acceleration Program is designed to bring new therapies to COVID-19 patients as quickly as possible while supporting research to determine whether those therapies are safe and effective. […]

Why the industry was ill-prepared for a pandemic and what changes could come

COVID-19 has exposed one of the industry’s vulnerabilities—surge capacity, prompting the search for solutions to mitigate future disasters. Subscribe for the latest Celebrity Gossips

Health Care Service Corp launches special enrollment period

Health Care Service Corp. is offering a special sign-up period to increase the number of people with health insurance during COVID-19.Subscribe for the latest Celebrity Gossips

Virus outbreak creates new challenges for addiction recovery

The coronavirus pandemic is challenging the millions who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction and threatening America’s progress against the opioid crisis, said Dr. Caleb Alexander of Johns Hopkins’ school […]

Call for virus volunteers yields army of health care workers

So far, at least 82,000 people have volunteered for New York’s reserve force of medical workers—a group that includes recent retirees, healthcare professionals who can take a break from their […]