Assistive Prenatal Apps – Babyscripts is an App That Monitors and Informs During Pregnancies (


A study completed at George Washington University pointed out that using prenatal apps, such as Babyscripts, specifically, has the ability to reduce visits in-person at the hospital. As convenience is of great importance, especially to soon-to-be-parents, this brings value to the experience of pregnancy.

Babyscripts is a prenatal app that boasts educational content on important issues — great examples of this would be nutrition and breastfeeding, while monitoring values such as blood pressure and weight in the background. The mobile application is also proactive in raising flags when there is something odd in the data that is provided, notifying the doctor in real-time. Users can select an appropriate module in the prenatal app and Babyscripts sends over a Mommy Kit that facilitates “connectivity between the patent and [one’s] practice.”

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