Architectural Parisian Jewelry – Boucheron’s Paris Vu Du 26 Collection Takes After City Landmarks (

The newest collection of rings, bracelets and necklaces from French luxury brand Boucheron called ‘Paris Vu Du 26’ takes inspiration from the details that define the city of Paris. While the statement Armoiries necklace with a topaz center pays homage to the moldings of the Salon des Fiancés in the Hôtel de Nocé, the elegant Verified tassel earrings are topped with a component that takes inspiration from an iconic Parisian monument, the dome of the Grand Palais.

As their names suggest, the Cheval de l’Opera bracelet and ring mimic the shape of a horse’s head, as seen on the sculptures at the Opera Garnier. While the jewelry collection does pay tribute to many well-known city landmarks, it also plays up small details like cobblestone streets and other humble city features.

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