Antique-Inspired Premium Jewelry – Versace’s Medusa Medallion Ring Resembled a Baroque Style (

Luxury fashion house Versace introduces its captivating accessory option in the form of the Medusa Medallion Ring, modeling the jewelry after highly valued antique medallions. The overall design language resembles a special Baroque stylistic element, crafting the ring in Italy with solid metal materials to give it the bright golden tone.

At the middle of the accessory is the three-dimensional emblem of Medusa’s head. It is framed in an intricately patterned Greek-key ring to add to the correlation of opulence. The large structure of the ring boasts elegance, blending both contemporary and ancient style inspirations in the piece. The Versace Medusa Medallion Ring is now available to shop at online retailer MATCHESFASHION for the price of $218 USD.

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