All-in-One Intelligent Rearview Mirrors – The Lenovo Mirror Dash Cam Records from All Angles (


The Lenovo Mirror Dash Cam is an all-in-one solution for drivers that will enable them to maintain total awareness when driving and prevent them from having to deal with potentially blindspots. The system works by being positioned into the vehicle cabin where the rearview mirror would be and will immediately go to work recording footage using a front-facing lens along with a rear one. This will allow users to enjoy almost 360-degree views around their car to maintain total awareness when commuting.

The Lenovo Mirror Dash Cam will record both video streams in crisp 1080p resolution and features an intuitive user interface that only requires the driver to swipe across on the surface to switch between cameras. The AHD night vision will also work to keep content visible after sunlight for increased awareness.

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