Affordable Portable AC Units – The ‘Cosmos Daisy’ Portable Air Conditioner Quickly Cools a Space (


The ‘Cosmos Daisy’ portable air conditioner is a compact appliance that aims to deliver effective cooling capabilities for those who need an easier way to beat the heat in their home or office.

The air conditioner packs 6,000 BTUs of power and is capable of being used indoors, outdoors, at a cottage, tiny home or anywhere else. The unit will work to cool a space down like a real air conditioner instead of using evaporative cooler techniques and is also outfitted with components to also dehumidify a space and heat it when the temperature drops.

The ‘Cosmos Daisy’ portable air conditioner is quiet, easy to use and also perfect for spaces where HVAC systems might not be present or areas without windows that open to allow for units to be installed.

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